Building Construction

With Sensei Limited’s superior knowledge in building and project management, we undertake construction works of any magnitude with much ease.

For construction service only, Sensei Limited gives a professional quality of work to all our clients. Our services are also insured to ensure that the funds and projects of our clients are secured and safe.

We also provide bank performance guarantee on all projects that we undertake and a defects liability period of six months from the completion date.

>> Design and Build

Under this service, we design your house/project and proceed to put it up. We are usually in charge of drawings, submission for all approvals, buying of materials, erection of the structures and supervision of the works until the building is complete.

The biggest advantage to the clients who hire us to design and build is that we are always lower in cost by approximately 10-15% as compared to when design services are procured separately from construction services and done by different people.

The reason as to why we are cheaper in cost is that when we do designing and building at the same time, many projects overhead that would be incurred by different entities are avoided altogether or highly reduced.

The people who design also do supervision and this makes it both easier and cheaper for the client.

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