Investment Advisory

We have a specialized service for Kenyans living abroad who wish to invest back home.

In this product, we advice our clients on the available investment opportunities at any one given time in Kenya.

We also buy plots houses and other landed investments on our clients behalf with in depth integrity and support to them.

This service is insured with reputable insurance firms and the money thus sent is deposited in a clients account securely managed by our managers.

We also execute surety, guarantees and performance bonds with reputable banks and insurance companies on all agreements that we enter into with our clients so as ensure that our clients get the best service from us.

We advice our client’s on the available sources of funding for the size and type of project that they have.

We also advice our clients on the cost of money that they borrow, the interpretation of financial agreements written in small type, and all issues arising from loans borrowed by them.

We also prepare proposals for our clients and go ahead to source for development funds for our clients.

The advices we give our clients range from suitability for proposed building type, value for your money, to the best suitable investment on their piece of land.

For more information and enquiries, get to us on our contacts and E-mail address

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